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Table of contents

Board Game Arena basics

What is Board Game Arena?

What, you don't know yet? Let's bring you up to speed! Board Game Arena (BGA) is an online board games platform.

With BGA, you can play online, either in real-time or turn-based, against players from around the whole world. A selection of various board games and card games are available. In order to play, the only thing you need is your browser!

For a quick overview, please check our 'BGA introduction' page.

What does "real-time play" mean?

When playing a real-time game, your opponents are connected to the game platform for the entire game. They can see your moves and react to them immediately - as is the case in the real world.

What does "turn-based play" mean?

When playing a turn-based game, players do not need to be connected all the time. They leave and come back when it's their turn to play. Once all your opponents have completed their moves you are notified that it is your turn (by email or on your next visit to the site). Then you can access this game, take your turn, and the process repeats for the next player.

What do I need to play?

Your browser... and that's all! Board Game Arena does not require anything else. This way, you can play from any device, anywhere, anytime!

However, we use the latest technologies available for the web. For this reason, you should play with the most up to date web browsers to enjoy an optimal BGA experience.

For the best game experience, we recommend the following browsers:
  • Google Chrome 10+
  • Mozilla Firefox 4+
We officially support the following browsers:
  • Google Chrome 4+
  • Mozilla Firefox 3.5+
  • Internet Explorer 11+
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Safari 4+
  • We also support playing on iPads or similar tablets, or mobile phones.

Can I play for free?

You can play board games and enjoy most of the functionalities on Board Game Arena for free. Some extra features are only available to our Premium members.

For more information on the benefits of becoming a Premium user, please refer to our 'Premium membership' page.

I love BGA! How can I help?

Thank you! Board Game Arena is indeed a community website that exists and has grown through the contributions of many passionate players.

You can contribute in several ways, such as:
  • If you are a native speaker in a language other than English, you can help us translate Board Game Arena into your language.
  • If you are a web developer, you can help us by implementing new games on our BGA Studio development platform.
  • If you have the means to support us financially, please consider becoming a Premium member to help us keep the website running and expanding!

For more information about the different ways of helping BGA, please check our 'Contribute to BGA' page.


How can I start a new game?

Go on the 'Play now' section, select your prefered game mode (e.g. 'Real-time'), find the game you want to play, and then click on the 'Play' button.
  • If you've selected the 'Automatic opponents' mode, you just have to wait for opponents.
  • Otherwise, a list of tables you can join will be displayed. Choose a game table, join it, wait for players to join, and once you have enough players, click 'Start game'. Have fun!

What if nobody joins my table?

For the most popular games, you can find players at any time of the day. For other games, if you can't find opponents at the moment, we advise you to come back at peak hour (around 22:00 CEST).

Tip: check the number of online/available players for a game before launching the table.
Tip: if nobody is available for a real-time game, you can turn your table into a turn-based table, so that another player can join even hours/days after you created it.

Can I join multiple real-time tables at the same time?

Yes, you can join or create multiple real-time tables at the same time, using Manual lobby.

It is even recommended to be at several tables in order to maximize your chances of finding opponents, instead of waiting at a single table.

When one of your real-time tables starts, you are automatically removed from the other tables and you can focus on your game.

For example, if you want to play Carcassonne, Keyflower and 7 Wonders, we suggest you join or create a table for these 3 games, so all the other players can see you are ready to play these games.

Another example: if you want to play Saboteur, we recommend you join all open tables.

I joined a game. When does the game start?

For real-time games, each table has an administrator who is the table creator. It is the responsibility of the table administrator to start the game when they are satisfied with the number of players who have joined the table. If you are the table administrator and can't launch the game, most of the time it's because not enough players have joined the table yet.

For turn-based games, the game starts as soon as the maximum number of players has been reached. The table administrator can also decide to start the game manually any time after the minimum number of players required to play this game have joined.

How can I play a solo game?

There are an increasing number of games available for solo play on BGA. To find these games, you can go to the Games page and filter by "Number of players: Solo."

To start a game for solo play with the "Manual" lobby:
  • Create a new table
  • Select "Friendly mode" for the "Game mode" option
  • Reduce the number of players to 1
  • Open the table to other players (none in this case, but this is still a necessary step)
  • Start the game.

To start a game for solo play with the "Automatic" lobby:
  • Click the gear icon to change the options
  • Click "Show advanced options"
  • Set "Friendly mode" to green then "Normal mode" to red for the "Game mode" option
  • Set "1 player" to green then all other options to red for the "Player number" option
  • Click "Play now."

What does the colored circle next to a player's name mean?

online_.png : This player is active. They completed an action very recently.
inactive_.png : This player is inactive. They are connected to the website but have not performed any action recently.
offline_.png : This player is offline.

What do the icons next to a player's name mean?

active_player.gif : This player must make a move now.
active_player_clockalert.gif : This player must make a move now, and has used up all his/her available thinking time. Can someone wake them up? ;)
active_player_nonack.gif : This player must make a move now, but is probably not aware of this fact. If the situation doesn't change, it might mean that this player has a connection issue.
: When the 'normal' avatar of a player is displayed, it means that this player is waiting for their turn to play.

A player is not playing. What can I do?

First, please remember that other players have the right to think as long as they need to about their next move... Well, as long as there is still some time left on their game clock, that is. After that, you can use the chat to ask this player to confirm that they are still thinking about how to play.

If the player seems to be away, we advise you to wait a few minutes: this player may be experiencing some network problems or have left temporarily. If the player does not come back, and their clock has become negative, then you may kick this player out of the game. The effects of kicking a player out are the following:
  • This player will get a 'leave' reputation penalty (see 'Reputation/Karma' for more details).
  • This player will lose the same ELO points as if they were the loser (last place) of this game, minus an additional -10 ELO.
  • Whatever happens in the game afterwards, all the other players will be considered tied in first place for ELO, and will receive a % of the ELO corresponding to the % of progression of the game at the moment the player was kicked out. Example: if 80% of the game has been played, the remaining players will receive 80% of the ELO they would have won.
  • All following turns from this player will be skipped.

With this system, we ensure that even if you are in a losing position, it is NEVER a good choice for you to quit a game in progress. This system is a little bit harsh, but unlike many other services, about 99% of games played on BGA are not abandoned, and we are proud of that. :)

How does the game clock work exactly?

Before playing each game, you can see two values that depend on the 'Speed' settings: the time per turn and the total amount of time per player.

When it is your turn to think, the time remaining on your clock decreases.

Regularly (usually on each 'turn'), your time allotment is increased.

If your timer goes below zero, any other player can kick you out of the game. You should be careful to NEVER be in this situation.

Some details and specific cases:
  • There is a maximum amount of time for each player. In general, this maximum matches the initial time amount (ie: you can never have more than the initial time).
  • If you get a negative clock at some point during a game, even if you are not expelled, you will get a 'clock' red spot on your reputation.
  • When you play a game for the first time, all your time values are doubled.
  • Tournaments use a completely different system ('fixed time limit'): you get an amount of time at the beginning, and there is no additional time during the game.
  • For turn-based games, 'X turns / day' means '24 / X' hours of additional time per move. For example, '2 turns / day' means '+12 hours per move'.

How do you manage random events (dice throws, card shuffling, ...)?

For dice and equivalent 'pick a number' actions, we use the PHP function 'random_int'. This function has a cryptographically secure randomness, meaning that it may be even better than real dice. :)

For card shuffling, we use the PHP method 'shuffle', based on the 'Mersenne Twister' algorithm used by most online Poker websites.

Please note that there are thousands of games played each day on BGA, so a rare event with a very low probability may still happen dozens of times per day on BGA.

Finally, for those of you asking yourselves, "But is that random number generator truly random?" Please check this page from which is a great resource to help you understand the complexity of this question.

What if a player does something wrong?

The Board Game Arena platform has been designed to encourage players to maintain good behavior. The reputation system allows you to distinguish between good and bad players. Then, it is up to you to decide whether to start a game with them or not.

If you think a player behaved badly during a game, you can give them a 'red thumb' at the end of the game. The effects of a red thumb are:
  • This player will not be able to play with you anymore (except if you meet in a tournament).
  • This player will not be able to send you private messages or watch your games as a spectator.

If you think a player committed a serious offence during a game (for example insulting someone in the chat), please report them to us, using the 'report this player' link from their profile or by clicking on the 'red thumb' at the end of the game, so that we can take appropriate measures.

Using the `Automatic Mode` lobby: how do the game preferences work?

When using the lobby in `Automatic Mode,` you can specify your preferences for a variety of options for a game by clicking the cog.
  • `I'm okay to play with...` means that you are willing to play with this option value.
  • `I prefer not to play with...` means that we won't make you join a game with this option value... Except if this is the only available possibility after searching an alternative during a few minutes.
  • `I'm reluctant to play with...` means that we won't make you join a game with this option value... Except if this is the only available possibility after searching an alternative during a long time.
  • `I never want to play with...` means that we won't make you join a game with this option value at all.

How long does a game table stay open if nobody is playing anymore?

When nobody has made a move at a game table for a while, it is closed automatically to free up server resources:
  • A real-time table is closed automatically if more than 4 hours have elapsed since its creation and if all players at this table are now offline.
  • A turn-based table is closed automatically if no move has been made in 40 days.

Your account, reputation and ranking

How does my reputation score (Karma) work?

The Karma score (☯) is a quick way to check if a player has a good reputation on BGA (does not quit games, is friendly and plays fair , ...).

Depending on your Karma score, you may also be allowed or not allowed to use some features on BGA or to join a given table.

Your initial Karma score is 75☯ (on a maximum of 100☯). Then:
  • Each time you finish a game, if your clock has never been negative during this game, you get +1☯.
  • If you quit, or get kicked out of a game in progress, you lose 10☯ or even 20☯ if you already quit another game recently.
  • If you miss out on a planned tournament game: -4☯.

What is the code of conduct?

On Board Game Arena, you should not:
  • Run out of time on the game clock.
  • Leave a game in progress on purpose.
  • Take an unnecessary and unreasonable amount of time at the end of game in an obvious losing position.
  • Engage in Kingmaking: enabling another player to win on purpose while there is a better move to make for yourself.
  • Give some piece of information about the current game situation that disturbs the normal game flow.
  • Communicate with another player about the game privately (for example with an instant messenging app).
  • Engage in provocation / triumphalism / defeatism... anything which is not fair play.
  • Use an avatar that may be shocking or offensive to other players (no advertisement, no politics, ...)
Breaking these rules will affect your reputation.

Why did I receive an IP address notice when joining a table?

When you join a table, you may receive a message informing you that a player is playing from the same IP address as another player. This means they could potentially be sharing information. We've decided to display this warning to let you know. You are free to decide whether or not you wish to participate in this game. For more details please check out our 'Multi account policy'.

What is absolutely forbidden?

On Board Game Arena, it is absolutely forbidden to:
  • Insult other players in any manner.
  • Create multiple accounts and play against oneself to boost one's ranking.
  • Trolling, admin-bashing, moderator-bashing, empty critics or diffamation.
Breaking these rules can lead to the removal of your account and/or a ban from the website.

What guidelines should I follow when communicating?

The general rule you should follow is to talk to people (in the forum, in the chat, ...) as if they were friends that you invited to play at your home. Then you'll naturally give them your attention and be kind to them so that everyone feels welcome and at ease. And it's always great to play with friends!

You should also be aware that in an international communication context, not everyone has the same mastery of the language being used, and that cultural differences can sometimes lead to misunderstandings. When in doubt, please consider the most kind and well intentioned meaning as it will be the correct one most of the time!

And finally, do not use Board Game Arena communication resources to advertise other gaming websites. If you want to talk about your experience elsewhere, please just say something like 'on another gaming website'.

Tournaments and karma: how does this work?

There is a minimum reputation to reach to play each tournament (default is 65☯).

If your reputation decrease below the minimum requirement of a tournament for which you registered, you may not be able to participate.

If your reputation decrease below the minimum requirement of a tournament in progress, you may be expelled from the tournament (but not from your games in progress).

How is my ELO ranking computed?

A player's ELO score on BGA is based on the ELO formula, which is one of the most popular ways to evaluate a player's level. Please check Wikipedia if you are interested in the theory.

On BGA, you get an ELO ranking for each different game. When you have never played a game, your ELO is zero.

When you finish a game, the number of points you gain/lose depends on the level of your opponents, and more precisely on the ELO difference between you and your opponents.

The easiest situation is a 2 player game. You will gain a number of ELO points equal to K x (W - p(D)) where:
  • W is the result of the game: 1 for a victory, 0 for a defeat, 0.5 for a tie.
  • D is the difference of ELO between you and your opponent.
  • p(D) is the probability of victory considering the previous difference (see Wikipedia for details).
  • K, the 'elasticity factor,' has a value that depends on the number of games you have played: 60 for your first 10 games, 40 between your 11th and 20th games, 20 for your 21st onwards.

Some more details and specific cases:
  • On your very first game, you always win at least 1 ELO point, even if you lose the game.
  • Until you reach 100 ELO (beginner), you can never lose ELO points. After that you can never go back below 100 ELO.
  • When you play with more than 1 opponent, we consider that you win against each opponent who scores lower than you during this game, and lose against each opponent who scores higher than you. For example, if you place 2nd in a 4 player game, you gain ELO points as if you won against the 3rd and 4th players, and lost against the 1st. In this case, the K factor is adjusted depending on the total number of players to make sure ELO variation is not too important (or too unimportant).
  • When you win consecutively against the same opponent on a game, your ELO gains will gradually reduce. This encourages you to compete against as many players as possible.
  • When your rank is "Strong" or higher, and you don't play for an extended period, your ELO score will decrease over time.

ELO ranking allows to classify players in 7 distinct skills levels: Beginner (0 point), Apprentice (1-99 points), Average (100-199), Good (200-299), Strong (300-499), Expert (500-699), Master (700+).

Why are rankings and competitive modes disabled for some games?

Somes games are not suitable for online competition on Board Game Arena.This can happen for a range of reasons:
  • the game may be a cooperative one, where your rank serves as a rough indication of your level but should not be viewed as a competitive rank;
  • the game may have been solved;
  • there may be easily accessible game engines or artificial intelligence allowing players to compete at the level of the engine instead of their own.
In any of those cases, or if a specific reason does not allow for a fair competitive basis for a game, rankings and competitive modes will be disabled (with matching trophies).

Why did I not receive a top rank trophy for this game?

To be awarded the top rank trophies, you need to have reached at least 300 ELO (otherwise, the first people playing the game would just get the trophies immediately). Also, there needs to be enough active players (at least 1000/300 in the last two months for the top20/top10), otherwise the achievement would not be significant.

How can I delete my account?

Take a breath... Why would you want to do that? We'll miss you!
If you are resolved, you will find what you need under 'Preferences → Account → Delete my BGA account'.

Why have some of my friends disappeared?

A recent change to the way friends are managed on Board Game Arena has meant that some old friends have had to be removed. Namely, any non-mutual friendships are now no longer permitted.

From now on, to make a new friend, you must first send a friend request to a user. If that user accepts your friend request, you will become friends. This allows you to see when each other is online, as well as seeing relevant information on each other's feeds.

Any non-mutual friendships which existed before this change have been removed, and converted into "expired friend requests".

You can find these expired friend requests by clicking "See more..." on the friends tab. If you still want to be friends with any of those players, you can still send them friend requests!


How do Premium games work?

Only Premium members can create new tables for Premium games.
Once the table is created, anyone can join (even non-Premium members).

This way, you only have to buy 1 Premium membership to play Premium games with your friends (or anyone else).

Why are some games Premium and others not?

Each game publisher decides whether their games on BGA should be Premium or not.

Please keep in mind that the vast majority of games on BGA are free for everyone :)

I want to play with someone from the same place: should I buy 2 Premium memberships?

No: you only need one Premium membership.
If a Premium member is playing at a table, all restrictions based on location are removed for all other participants at this table.

Why is "playing from the same location" restricted to Premium members?

Playing on BGA from the same location is not something common since if you are at the same place you can play the real physical board game. It makes sense to make it a Premium feature, so that using BGA remains a way to discover and enjoy board games with the whole world and does not become a means to avoid buying the real physical game.

With this restriction, we also intend to limit the potential for cheaters to play against themselves in order to boost their rankings.

What is Hotseat mode and how does it work?

Using the Premium feature, Hotseat mode, you can play with your friends from the same computer or device.

Create a simple game table on BGA, click on 'Invite a friend' button, and select 'Hotseat' for each of your opponents.

How is a Premium membership billed?

Premium membership is a subscription: it is billed periodically.

The monthly membership is billed each month: if you subscribe on March 13th, you will be billed on April 13th, May 13th, and so on.

The yearly membership is billed once a year. Since you are committed for one year, there is a significant discount on this membership.

If you prefer to manually pay for each membership period, we advise you use the Paypal payment option as we do not automatically renew memberships paid via Paypal.

How do I cancel my membership? Can I cancel my membership anytime?

You can cancel your Premium membership anytime in the 'Account' tab of your 'Preferences'.

Even if you cancel your membership, you will remain Premium for the remainder of the period you have already paid for.

How do I update my payment information? How do I update my Credit card number?

The only way to do this is by resubscribing using your new payment information:

  • Go to the Premium page:
  • Cancel your current subscription (the remaining membership will not be lost)
  • Choose the monthly or the yearly membership and enter your new payment information.

Note: the payment on the new Credit Card will not occur before the end of your current active membership period and will reflect the price of a new subscription.

What happens if I'm already Premium and gain a free membership?

If you gain a free month of Premium by helping BGA or redeeming Gift Points, your current membership period is automatically extended by one month.

For example: if you should have been billed on April 13th, you will be billed on May 13th instead.

Please note: if you receive the free month just prior to the renewal of your membership, it may be too late to cancel the next billing. In this case, we will delay the subsequent bill instead.

Available Board games

What are the available games?

Board Game Arena offers a wide selection of board and card games, with a strong focus on modern ('European style') board games.

For the full list, please refer to our 'Games' page.

How do you choose the games you make available online?

In order to publish a game on BGA we need 2 things:
  • The authorization of the digital rights owner for the game (most of the time, the original publisher).
  • A software developer volunteering the time and skills needed to build an online version of the game.

So if you are asking yourself why one of your favourite games is not yet available on BGA, it could be for various reasons:
  • We never asked for an authorization for this game in the first place (of course if the game is popular, there is a good chance that we asked).
  • The publisher didn't reply or refused to grant their authorization, temporarily or definitively.
  • The publisher accepted, but we haven't found a volunteer developer yet for this game, or the development is currently ongoing.
  • The game adaptation is ready, but we are waiting for a specific time or event to release it.

If you just want to suggest a new game for BGA: the best way to help us to have this game on BGA is not to write to us, but to write to this game's publisher, and tell them how cool BGA is, so they can give us permission to have this game here :)

It really helps, so please do it! You can send them the following link that explains everything they need to know:

How about game expansions?

Game expansions follow the same selection and development process as games. There can be various reasons why a game publisher doesn't want the expansion online, and sometimes we don't find a developer who has the time to develop it.

I am a publisher: how and why should I get my game on Board Game Arena?

The main goal of Board Game Arena is to make it easy for players to discover new games, learn to play them and love them. We think that there are only two kinds of players on Board Game Arena: those who already bought the games they are playing online, and those who plan to buy them soon!

For a more detailed presentation or to contact us about licensing, please check out our 'Game publishers' page.

The Arena (competitive mode)

What is Arena game mode?

Arena Mode is the major competitive mode for all games on Board Game Arena.

Playing Arena Mode, you meet opponents in a competitive environment, and try to become the new world champion for each game!

How does it work?

Arena mode is seasons based.

A season lasts 3 months, so there are 4 Arena seasons each year.

At the end of a season, the top player for each game will be the new BGA world champion.

What if I do not care about competitive play?

Arena Mode is 100% optional. You can play on BGA using 'Simple mode' and never care about it.

What are the rules of Arena Mode?

At first: some Arena mode rules may change from one Season to another.

To access Arena Mode for a game, you first need to reach 100 ELO points. It gives you access to the lower Arena league (Bronze league). You start with 1 Arena point ('Bronze - 1').

When playing on Arena mode, you play each game with its competition configuration (see 'What is the competition configuration?' question below). You cannot choose your opponents: a matchmaking algorithm chooses your opponents for you.

When you win a game in Arena mode, you gain Arena points. You gain 3 Arena points when beating an opponent from the same league, 2 points when beating an opponent from league N-1, 1 point for beating an opponent from league N-2, and so on (and the same for higher leagues).

When you lose a game, you lose Arena points. However, you cannot go below 0 points.

(Note: If you play a 3+ game, the number of Arena points you get is divided by the number of opponents. So beating 5 opponents from the same league brings you 3 x 5 / 5 = 3 points).

When you reach 10 points, you are promoted to the upper league, with 1 point (ex: 'Silver - 1'). You win the corresponding trophy, and you can no longer be relegated for this season.

Your goal is of course to reach the highest league before the end of the season :)

How many leagues are there?

It depends on the popularity of the game: the more popular a game is, the more leagues there are (and the more difficult it is to reach the top).

What is the 'Elite league'?

The most active players for a given game (especially the best ones) may reach the most prestigious league: the Elite league.

In Elite league, the rules are different: each player has an Elite Arena Score (EAS), which works exactly like a standard 'ELO rank'. Based on this EAS, you get your world rank for this game (e.g.: 45th) and you can try to become the world champion

This EAS is hidden as long as you are playing in the lower leagues, and is revealed when you enter the Elite league. Basically, if you beat very good players during this season, your EAS will be high, and if you beat weak players your EAS will be low.

What happens at the end of the season?

For each game, the best players will receive the BGA world champion trophies for the season depending on their final rankings.

When a new season starts, everyone is relegated to a lower league (and EAS is reset).

What is the 'competition configuration'?

All players who are playing a game in Arena mode for a given season are playing with exactly the same configuration. This way, the whole Arena tournament is consistent.

Choosing a specific configuration for each game is sometimes a difficult decision. The good news is that if the community asks for a different configuration for a game, we can change it from one season to another, or make cycles between some configurations (ie: configuration A during Spring season, then configuration B during Summer season, and so on...).

What about turn-based games?

Arena mode is both for real-time and turn-based games.

The only constraint for turn-based games is that a turn-based game must start and end during a given Arena season to be part of that Arena season.

If your turn-based game is not finished at the end of the season, the player who spent the most thinking time during the game will lose the game.

For a given game, you must always play on the table where it has been your turn for the longest time.

What happened to Arena turn-based games at the end of the season?

It is no longer possible to start new turn-based Arena games in the last 5 days of the season.

If your turn-based game is not finished at the end of the Season, the player who spent the most thinking time during the game will lose the game and lose Arena points.

Other players won't gain or lose any Arena points for this game.

The game may continue afterwards, but there will not be any further consequences for the Arena rankings.

What is a Game Guru?

For each game on BGA, the most prolific players in the last 30 days are eligible to become the Game Gurus.
The Gurus are selected daily, and will keep their status at least one month.

Game Gurus have special powers, like being able to discuss and vote for the next seasons Arena format.
They are also the ones evaluating the Alpha tutorials.

More special powers will be entrusted to Game Gurus in the future.

How to become a Game Guru?

Your karma must be at least 90, and you must have been registered on Board Game Arena for at least one year.
The players who played the most (ranked) games in the last 30 days will automatically become gurus. (limited to 100 players)
Once a player is a guru for a specific game, they will keep their status for at least 1 month (unless their karma drops).

Other conditions may apply.

Technical issues

What can I do if I have an issue with the website?

Most issues on this website should be solved with a simple web page refresh (or 'F5').

If you experience a persistent issue, the first thing to do is to use our troubleshooting tool to check if everything is fine with your configuration.

If you are not correctly logged in for a game (spectator instead of player), please come back to the main site and log out then log in again to refresh your authentication cookies.

Then, you can browse our bug tracker: check to see if someone has already reported this issue and vote for it, or create a new report if that's not the case. Please take the time needed to describe the problem in a clear and precise manner so that we can quickly reproduce and fix it.

Why hasn't this bug been fixed yet?

We fix a lot of bugs, all the time. But of course we need to set priorities:
  • We give the highest priority to recent features and recent games, because the most important bugs are reported fast.
  • We give the highest priority to bugs that have collected the largest number of votes (green thumbs) in our bug tracking tool.
  • We usually fix bugs in batches for better efficiency. So if we decide to fix an important bug in a game, there is a good chance that we will fix some other minor bugs at the same time.

BGA is known for the quality of its adaptations. Considering the number of games and the size of the community, there are not that many important open bug reports with a lot of upvotes in the bug tracker.

Please also remember that a lot of BGA adaptations are realized and maintained by volunteers on their free time. Finding and fixing bugs is neither easy nor really fun, so the best way you can help is by being nice and giving precise information in bug reports.

It can also happen that the original developer stops maintaining the game after a while for some personal reason. In that case, remaining bugs can stay open a long time, until another developer interested in the game volunteers to take over, or for more popular games, until the number of votes attracts the attention of an admin on this bug's relevance to the community.

I am playing on a mobile device and I have some difficulties: what can I do?

BGA was designed with desktop and laptop computers in mind. Then we updated the layout to accomodate mobile users, but while some BGA adaptations run perfectly on mobile, some others are not designed well for small screens or touch screens. This can come from the complexity of the game itself (big board, lots of elements) or from the choices made by the developer.

Thus, when you play from a mobile device, we advise you to choose games that won't be too difficult to play on a small screen, and to pay extra attention to each of your moves to be sure to trigger the correct action: zooming a lot really helps!

Why do I have a slow connection or performance troubles on BGA?

We are constantly monitoring our servers responsiveness. Sometimes incidents occur, but most of the time BGA is responsive. Usually, less than 2% of game moves take more than 200 milliseconds to process, and less than 0.2% take more than 1 second.

The main BGA servers are located in Europe (France), but we rent relay servers all across the world (in 30+ locations) so that big files (essentially images) are loaded quickly even if you are far from us.

Please be aware that very often, performances problems can come from your internet connection or from your computer system. We advise you to try to connect with a different browser / computer / internet connection to troubleshoot the issues.

As a rule of thumb, if you are finding that BGA is not responsive enough for you on a given day, you shouldn't start or join a game since there is a risk of you getting overtime penalties.

Translations guidelines

What can be translated?

The collaborative translation system is meant to make it possible to translate Board Game Arena into any language, to help more people to discover and play board games.

For example, if you want to play 'Dragonheart' with your 10-year-old nephew and he doesn't speak English yet, no problem! Just help us translate Board Game Arena into your language!

Every string of text for the main site and for the game interfaces are 'internationalized' and can be translated by the player community. News announcements displayed on the BGA 'Home' and 'News' pages are computer translated first, then the translation can be improved by the community.

Who should translate?

This is important: only translate text into a given language if you are a native speaker of that language. When translating a game, the translator should know the game thoroughly and if possible have a box and rulebook of the game in the destination language to check for consistency. Translators should take into account the level of language and the formal/informal pronominal rules usual for the gaming audience of their country.

The source/reference language for translation is English, since the site and games development is made in English.

English is not necessarily the mother tongue of all developers, so fluent (and preferably native) English speakers can submit requests for change to be validated by developers or administrators. It is necessary to be very careful when modifying the English texts as this affects the translations in all languages!

What should I aim for when translating?

When translating, please always stay as close as possible to the original English text in meaning and style. Translating a software interface is not a literary exercise: please do not try to transform Board Game Arena into a book. Practicality, clarity and homogeneity are the most important.

In particular, you should respect the final punctuation (or lack thereof), the specific words capitalization choices and the use of digits instead of words.

I fixed some translations, but they don't appear to have changed on the site?

Translation files are updated nightly, so you just have to wait until tomorrow for your changes to appear on the site.

How long is it possible to change translations?

The first translations may not be perfect. So they can be modified until they are 'validated'. Validation occurs when a translation has not been modified for 30 days straight. It is then considered stable and valid (golden icon) and can only be changed by 'seasoned' players.

Computer translated text is never validated until it has been proofread by a member of the community and either "confirmed" or "modified". Afterwards it is considered to have a "human" level of trustability like other translations, and will follow the same rules for validation.

Is there some reward for translating?

Yes! Each validated translation will get its translator 1 gift point. To learn more about gift points, please check our 'Contribute to BGA' page.

Game tutorials

Are there tutorials to learn game rules?

Yes! Some games have tutorials.

See list of games with a tutorial

How can I create a tutorial for a game?

Anyone can propose a new tutorial for a game.

This page explains how to build a tutorial

What is the Alpha/Beta status for tutorials?

When you propose a new tutorial for a game, it has the ALPHA status.
Everyone with the tutorial link can review it, give feedback and rate it.

The game developer (or BGA admin) may select your tutorial and move it to BETA.
A tutorial in BETA is proposed to English speaking players on the Game Page, so it can be tested on real conditions.

If the tutorial has good stats, the game developer (or BGA admin) can make it OFFICIAL.
The OFFICIAL tutorial is displayed on the Game Page and is available for all players.
There is only one OFFICIAL tutorial for a given game.
The OFFICIAL tutorial is also available for translation.

How are tutorials evaluated?

Tutorials are evaluated by game developers and BGA admins based on statistics (ex: ratings, ...).

They may compare several tutorials statistics by making them available at the same time: if several BETA tutorials (with/without an OFFICIAL one) are available, players are redirected randomly to one of them.

How can I translate a tutorial?

Tutorials are available for translation ~24 hours after they reach OFFICIAL status.

Afterwards, they may be translated like any other part of the game.

How are gift points awarded for tutorial makers?

When your tutorial becomes OFFICIAL you get 100 gift points.
Afterwards, each month, you get 100 additional gift points as long as your tutorial remains the OFFICIAL one.
There is a maximum of 600 points to be awarded for each game.

Where can I see my tutorial statistics?

What can I do if the game adaptation does not allow me to create the right tutorial steps?

Because of bugs or specific choices made by a game adaptation developer, it may be difficult or impossible to:
  • Replay a game without errors
  • Ask the tutorial viewer to play a move instead of using the "Continue" button
  • Set a tutorial comment at the exact place you would like to.

In that case, it should be reported as a bug for the game in our bug reporting tool so that the developer can fix it. When reporting the bug, please indicate to the developer to check the tutorials checklist page where the most frequent errors and problematic cases are described.

After the issue has been fixed, you should be able to create a tutorial without problem, by using the replay of a game played after the new game version has been deployed.

People behind Board Game Arena

Who are you?

This website has been created in their free time by two IT professionals passionate about board games: Grégory Isabelli and Emmanuel Colin.

BGA is a community website that exists in its current state thanks to the wonderful contributions of passionate players throughout the world.

For a full list of contributors, please check our 'Team' page.

In 2021, BGA joined the Asmodee Group (read full announcement).

How do you guys make a living?

After more than 7 years building and managing BGA in their free time, both founders have been working on the website as a full-time salaried position since early 2018. This was required due to the growing audience playing on this website, and has finally been made possible by the continued support of our Premium members through the years. (Thank you again!).

Actually, there is so much work to do to run BGA that two people working full-time is clearly not enough! This is why we intend to preserve and expand our "community based" approach to give every interested player the opportunity to contribute in order to keep this service running as well and as smoothly as possible.

How can I contact you?

For general questions concerning the website, games or the community, the best way to reach out is by posting a message in our forum. This way, anyone from the community can answer, and everyone benefits from the answer.

To report issues or suggest new features, please use our bugs & suggestions tracker. Please make sure to check if there is already a report dealing with the subject before creating a new report: upvoting existing reports allows us to identify the subjects that are considered as the most important by the community.

For any other subject or specific request, you can reach out to us through our contact page.
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